The Spiral of Life is created by Casandra, she has worked on it for 8 years and

today there is a group in Denmark who has lived in accordance with the Spiral of Life since year 8.

The Spiral of Life raises consciousness, and it is a great relief to let go of the old calendar of ancient Rome. The Spiral of Life is an expression of how time is measured in the life we live, on the way into a golden culture.

In one year there are 12 life paths, divided into 36 parties, each with 10 days.

The 10 days of a party is a celebration and development of eternity, mind, heart, creativity, happiness, beauty, peace, light, wisdom and purity.

Each party is a celebration of life and the seasons’ flame colors in the 12 life paths which follow the earth’s revolution around the sun.

Summer solstice, winter solstice, autumnal equinox and vernal equinox is

celebrated with the creation of great visions for the next three life paths and with

atma tree of life dances.

There are 365.25 days in a year, the 5.25 days are for meditation and celebration.

There is no leap year. Life is lived in solar time and clocks are not moved according

to the industry's summer time (DST).

The golden cultures are connected to 120 highly developed solar systems

which lie deep inside the Milky Way spiral as seen from Earth.

The 120 atma paintings and atma essences, which are painted and made by Casandra, are connected to these solar systems. See

All releases are © Kirsten Askjær with the artist name Casandra.

Courses in the Spiral of Life


Spiral of Life is rebirthing life in the life paths, parties and days of the year

Follow the seasons in accordance with the Spiral of Life for the northern and southern hemispheres in the following representations taken from the Spiral of Life album.