Golden Lotus Arts Publisher

Publishing the books, DVD and CD written and created

  by the author Casandra.

Reproductions of Casandra’s paintings of the atmas are always sent out directly

from the publisher.

The publisher also takes care of special releases related to courses.

Atma albums belong with the sets of atma essences and are sold through

Blue Lotus Arts.

The DVDs created by Casandra and Jorgen contain the atmas and their plants

and flowers, giving a healing to those who watch these DVDs.

CDs with stories, songs and poems to the atmas recorded by Casandra

with music and songs by various artists.

Golden Lotus Arts Publishers is based in Norway from where world-wide distribution takes place. There are two distributors in Denmark covering the EU.

  The Author

The author has taken the artist name Casandra, and she writes, paints and records

on her longstanding research in earlier golden cultures on Earth.

Research in Golden Cultures

This research is based on Casandra’s precious abilities of being able to use the heart, lifestream and senses to study and research how life was lived on earth more than

five million years ago in highly developed golden cultures.